Albino Traits
by scaliespe 252 Contributions
Albinos typically have white skin/scales/feathers/fur and red eyes, but these traits often aren't tagged.
albino -white_body -red_eyes -pink_body -pink_eyes
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
red_eyes red_eyes
pink_eyes pink_eyes
white_body white_body
white_fur white_fur
white_scales white_scales
white_feathers white_feathers
white_skin white_skin
leucistic, not albino leucistic albino
monochrome monochrome albino
just not albino albino

Add white_skin/white_scales/white_feathers/white_fur wherever applicable, or just white_body by itself if the skin covering can't be determined. Note that some albinos may appear to be a more pinkish color, so pink may be used instead. Add red_eyes if the eyes are visible. Occasionally, they may be seen as pinkish or purplish instead, in which case that color should be tagged. If the eyes are visible but they are not red or reddish pink/purple, the character is likely not albino. A character with a white body but without red eyes might be leucistic instead. Add the leucistic tag in these cases. Note that some albino mammals (such as humans) can have blue eyes instead of red. Monochrome images should never be tagged as albino because the eye and body color cannot be definitively determined. Remove the albino tag in this case. Note that it is possible for certain creatures, such as reptiles, birds, and amphibians to be albino and have bodies of colors other than white. These species may instead be bright shades of colors such as red, yellow, or blue. Again, use eye color to determine albinism in these cases, and tag the appropriate body color.