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TagMe! is a comprehensive utility designed to make resolving large-scale tagging projects quick and easy.

To begin, log in using your e621 username and API key, which you can find on your user page. Then, select one of the latest projects below, or look for the one you need via the search bar above. When resolving a project, follow the tagging guidelines to the best of your ability. If you are unsure of which option to pick, ask the question in Discord, or simply skip it and move on to the next image.

Do not forget that any changes you make are done in your name, and are thus your responsibility. Vandalism will not be tolerated.

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Latest Projects
Advertisement - Fake or Real? Is this a fake or real ad?
Looping Animations Does the animation loop?
Unusual Oviposition What kind of strange oviposition is this?
Same or Different Species? Is the sex between characters of the same or different species?
Chastity Devices What kind of Chastity is that?
Milestone Drives - Goals What are the goals of the milestone drive?
Milestone Drives - Types What kind of milestone drive is it?
suit cleanup remove suit tag form posts that do not match the wiki description https://e621.net/wiki_pages/2143
2D Animation Type What type of 2D animation is this?
2D or 3D animation What type of animation is this?
Not Furry Add missing 'not_furry' tags
Young Age Groups How old does this character appear to be?
Young Body Types The body types and genders of young characters.
Young Age Groups (rating:safe) How old does this young character appear to be?
Young Body Types (rating:safe) The body types and genders of young characters. (Safe-only version)
Tabby patterns What kind of tabby is this?
Separating fellatio from autofellatio Is this fellatio or autofellatio?
Football Uniform Disamb Differentianting American Football and Soccer
Minecraft Cat Breeds What cat variant is this?
The Straight Solo Paradox Correcting the straight solo tags when they are tagged on the same image.
Character Count Tags (model_sheet) How many characters are present in the scene?
labia_minora versus innie_pussy Is the labia minora visible in this post?
Minecraft Wolf Breeds What wolf variant is this?
Character Count Tags (light) (Safe) How many characters are present in the scene?
Penis types What type of animal penis is in this image?
Barefoot cleanup Is there a character wearing any amount of clothing, but no footwear?
slit_(disambiguation) What type of slit is the slit?
Gender body types - Maleherm What form is the maleherm character?
Gender body types - Herm What form is the herm character?
Gender body types - Andromorph What form is the andromorph character?
Gender body types - Gynomorph What form is the gynomorph character?
Gender body types - Male What form is the male character?
Gender body types - Female What form is the female character?
Gender body types - Ambiguous What form is the ambiguous gender character?
Caprine tagging Is this a sheep or a goat?
Signatures Does the image contain any form of signature? if so what type(s) of signature?
public inside vs outside Is the public location inside or outside?
gender_taur Tagging gender_taur on images now that gender_form tags are valid
gender_feral Tagging gender_feral on images now that gender_form tags are valid
gender_anthro Tagging gender_anthro on images now that gender_form tags are valid
clitoris color (clitoral focus) What color is this clitoris?
Clitoral Cleanup Is the clitoris being stimulated actually visible?
Missing Hyper (female version) What is missing from these hyper posts?
Digital Artwork Types What type of digital artwork is this?
Missing Hyper (male version) What is missing from these hyper posts?
Model sheet elements Is this post missing any of these common model sheet elements?
Talking Feral Is the feral character talking?
Multiple Using Diaper (Watersports / Scat) When multiple characters are 'relieving' into another's diaper
Virgin Killer Sweater or Virgin Destroyer Sweater? Which sweater is this?
clitoris color What color is this clitoris?
Age penetration Is the older, or the younger character penetrated?
Streamer Disambiguation What kind of streamer is this
Stroked or stroking? What's stroking or being stroked here? Select all that apply:
Hyenas? What hyenas? What kind of hyena is this?
Colored or Monochrome? Is this entry colored or monochrome?
Cover Art Is this cover art? What is it for?
Anonymous or Unknown? Is this an "anonymous artist" or an "unknown artist"?
Deer hands What type of HANDS does this deer have?
A different kind of growth Does this image actually contain a character growing in size?
pet_(disambiguation) is the "pet" tag, a domestic pet, petplay, petting, or etc?
The gay solo paradox Correcting the gay solo tags when they are tagged on the same image.
Cub Body Types (rating:safe) The body types and genders of cub characters. (Safe-only version)
Cub Body Types (Feral) cub_body_types but with only feral characters.
Cub Body Types (Anthro) cub_body_types but with only anthro characters.
Cub Body Types The body types and genders of cub characters.
holding_knot Are they holding their own knot, or someone else's knot?
Holding sheath Are they holding their own sheath or another character's sheath?
holding_penis & penis_grab is the character holding their own or another’s penis?
holding_penis is the character holding own or another’s penis?
ABUniverse Designs The designs of https://us.abuniverse.com
herm_clean_up A tagging project to clean up over tagged herm characters.
What kind of oral? Many images are tagged oral, but not specific on the type of oral being performed. So what type of oral is being done in the image?
Remove age_difference from solo posts Only one character?
random clean up add forced_to_pull
mm size difference tag clean up add *_penetrated and remove size_difference on wrong tagged post
Toriel is a Boss Monster Is she a Boss Monster or something else?
Kindred Lamb is a sheep Is Lamb_(lol) depicted as a sheep, or something else?
floppy ears what type of floppy-eared character is?
Anthro feral penetration Who's penetrating who, and where?
Dragon Types (omni_omni2) What kind of (feral) dragon is this?
Interspecies vs Intraspecies Is there a romantic or sexual pairing in the image that is between at least two different species (interspecies), or between at least two individuals of the same species (intraspecies)?
Young age How young is the young character (or characters)?
Soda Inflation If there is soda in an inflation image, is the soda being used for inflation?
crossgender characters is a character’s sex/gender completely different and changed from its original canon?
Missing nipples tag Are breasts, nipples or areolas present?
Whisker colors What color are the whiskers?
Foot anatomy What kind of foot anatomy is featured?
Anthro breast tagging Are there breasts? What size are they?
orgasm_from_oral simultaneous or not? Are the top and bottom cumming at the same time?
Cub-Young Domination Disambiguation Who is dominating and who is submissive?
football_(ball) or soccer_ball Is this a soccer ball, gridiron ball, or rugby ball? Note: This project may go out of date real fast depending on how topic #36795 goes.
Anthro Humanoid Cleanup Remove improper humanoid tagging
Proper missionary_position Is this a proper missionary position?
Cowgirl disambiguation Which of these are present?
Untagged pussy in vaginal (cleverer) Is the vaginal penetration visible? (If obscured, then skip)
Untagged pussy in vaginal Is the vaginal penetration visible? (If obscured, then skip)
Shaymin form Is the shaymin land form or sky form in the image?
Masturbating with catch condom Are all the characters wearing condoms topping? (If yes, then skip)
Yoshi color tagging What color is the yoshi?
pussy types equid focus What kind of pussy is visible?
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