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Name Description Changes
ABUniverse Designs The designs of 68
herm_clean_up A tagging project to clean up over tagged herm characters. 112
What kind of oral? Many images are tagged oral, but not specific on the type of oral being performed. So what type of oral is being done in the image? 171
Remove age_difference from solo posts Only one character? 466
random clean up add forced_to_pull 45
mm size difference tag clean up add *_penetrated and remove size_difference on wrong tagged post 2025
Toriel is a Boss Monster Is she a Boss Monster or something else? 13
Kindred Lamb is a sheep Is Lamb_(lol) depicted as a sheep, or something else? 91
floppy ears what type of floppy-eared character is? 353
Dragon Types (omni_omni2) What kind of (feral) dragon is this? 8
Interspecies vs Intraspecies Is there a romantic or sexual pairing in the image that is between at least two different species (interspecies), or between at least two individuals of the same species (intraspecies)? 23
Soda Inflation If there is soda in an inflation image, is the soda being used for inflation? 20
High Heels - Common Types What type of high heels are those? 0
crossgender characters is a character’s sex/gender completely different and changed from its original canon? 66
Missing nipples tag Are breasts, nipples or areolas present? 364
Whisker colors What color are the whiskers? 132
Foot anatomy What kind of foot anatomy is featured? 928
Anthro breast tagging Are there breasts? What size are they? 4000
orgasm_from_oral simultaneous or not? Are the top and bottom cumming at the same time? 65
Cub-Young Domination Disambiguation Who is dominating and who is submissive? 464
football_(ball) or soccer_ball Is this a soccer ball, gridiron ball, or rugby ball? Note: This project may go out of date real fast depending on how topic #36795 goes. 468
Anthro Humanoid Cleanup Remove improper humanoid tagging 647
Proper missionary_position Is this a proper missionary position? 108
Cowgirl disambiguation Which of these are present? 77
Untagged pussy in vaginal (cleverer) Is the vaginal penetration visible? (If obscured, then skip) 800
Untagged pussy in vaginal Is the vaginal penetration visible? (If obscured, then skip) 5
Shaymin form Is the shaymin land form or sky form in the image? 123
Masturbating with catch condom Are all the characters wearing condoms topping? (If yes, then skip) 76
Yoshi color tagging What color is the yoshi? 1015
pussy types equid focus What kind of pussy is visible? 300
leg count (cheshire3rd) (again) how many legs does this character have? 106
translation tags if not english, is the text translated? 546
Breast Grab or Holding Breast Breast Grab is not Holding Breast 2535
add missing tongue tags which of the following tags applies? 14
Anthro Humanoid Cleanup (males only) Remove improper humanoid tagging 446
Leg Count (cheshire3rd) How many legs does this character have? 569
kinds of dice what kind(s) of dice are pictured? 460
Is Diaper worn Is Diaper being worn? If not where is it? 601
Diaper state In what state is that diaper? 723
populating same-species bestiality are the characters the same species? 96
Dialogue box clean up Dialogue box/bubble? 23
dipstick ears what colour are the tips of the character’s ears? 126
Tails Disambiguation Disambiguate tails 182
populating monotone_fur what marking(s) does the character have on their fur? 190
dipstick tails what colour is the tip of the character’s tail? 1746
Simple or detailed background Is the background simple or detailed? 508
Inside or outside setting Is the detailed_background depicting an inside or outside location? 520
What is penetrating what? What body type/gender is penetrating what? 205
Male Underwear What type of underwear is present? 1360
Footjob on dick or pussy? is the footjob on a dick or pussy 1507
Hooves mistagged as Digitigrade Are digitigrade feet featured in image? 3401
Backsack Tagging Are balls visible from behind? 638
Hoof tagging What kind of hooves are those? 1352
Non-mammal breasts tag removal Is this character a mammal? 100
Busty feral breast size What size are those breasts? 388
Hair Through Hat? Is there hair_through_hat on a backwards_baseball_cap? 135
High Heels - Colors What color(s) are the high heels? 1100
Handjob frottage Handjob frottage is a popular yet sparsely tagged activity 541
Not furry Cleanup Is this Furry? 425
Humans only Do these posts contain just humans, or humans and a bit more? 22
Scalie Dragons Virtually all dragons not as tagged furred_dragon or feathered_dragon should be tagged as scalie. 516
is that synth a synth? vader-san's synths species are an android species but some artists who draw synths don't make it obvious under TWYS. so instead of creating an implication for that, how about we just tag them ourselves! 414
Ear Colors What color(s) are the character's ears? 134
wings_clean_up What kind of wings are present? 2090
Magic Users Is a specific character shown using magic? 496
male+gender solo clean up How many characters are present in the scene 1191
diphallism is not hemipenes there are some incorrect tags that confuse diphallism/2_penises with hemipenes. let's fix them 149
bulge clean up Is the penis sticking out of the pants/underwear 372
disembodied_penis may not be human many members mark the humanoid disembodied_penis as human, but it is incorrect, this penis could belong to a humanoid. disembodied_penis must be tagged as belonging to no species. 1102
digiphilia the digiphilia tag is used very little, let's solve this problem. 413
Blush colors What color is the blush? 782
Looking Back at Viewer Add 'looking_back_at_viewer' when appropriate 1023
Asriel is a boss monster Is he a boss monster or an alternate species? 668
Frisk is a human Is Frisk a human in this post? 312
equine genitalia Is the visible genitalia human or equine like? 745
What medium was the art made with? Is the art digital or traditional? 1061
Shading type What type of shading does the image use? 169
Other Penis Features Which features do the penis(es) have? 3434
Shaded flat-colored or uncolored (monochrome)? Is the image shaded, flat-colored, or uncolored (monochrome)? 674
Bea Santello is a crocodilian is enough of Bea depicted to tag the post with crocodilian? 366
Mae Borowski is a cat is enough of Mae depicted to tag the post with domestic_cat? 256
Eevee is not eeveelution some people tag eevee as eeveelution, this is incorrect. let's fix it. 375
duo + duo_focus Is the image duo or duo_focus? 550
Lying Disambiguation Which position is the character lying in? Are they lying on a bed? 1194
Detailed Penis Features Which features do the penis(es) have? 279
nipple tagging what's on that chest? 504
Clouds in the Sky If you see a post with clouds, tag it and also whenever you see a post with high emphasis on clouds or emphasis in the sky with none or very little of the ground showing consider tagging cloudscape too. 686
Penis humanoid or animal Sort posts from {{penis -humanoid_penis -animal_penis}} into their appropriate categories. 49
Cuff Disambiguation Cleaning up the cuffs disambiguation tag 241
Handcuffs Cleanup Handcuffs no longer implies shackles 271
shackles cleanup (ankle_cuffs) ankle_cuffs no longer implies shackles. This was done because ankle_cuffs can also be leather_cuffs 154
More specific monochrome (on white) Specify which kind of monochrome it is (greyscale/black_and_white) 357
Mistagged cow anthro-humanoid A lot of posts with cow humanoids get mistakenly tagged as cow as well 317
Twintails disambiguation Twintails can mean several things 168
Albino Traits Albinos typically have white skin/scales/feathers/fur and red eyes, but these traits often aren't tagged. 252
Add Cutie Mark Tag Project to add missing cutie mark tags to My Little Pony posts. 67
anthro penetrating anthro some people forget to add the tag "anthro_penetrating_anthro" let's help them. 559
Non-mammalian tags the tags are non-mammal_breasts, non-mammal_balls and non-mammal_nipples, it will be an easier way to add the tags 2112
Non-mammalian Nipples nipples in non-mammalian species such as reptiles, birds, insects, etc. the tag is valid for males, females, intersex, any non-mammalian genus that has nipples. 2068
Dragon Types What kind of dragon is this? 643