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adding some more specific details instead of just bondage
bondage spreader_bar -fannypacking -strappado -yoke_(restraint) -leg_spreader -bars -wall_bondage -bed_bondage -floor_bondage -hands_behind_head -wrists_to_ankles -wrists_together -hands_behind_back -frogtied -hogtied -arms_together -legs_together -spread_eagle
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
hands_behind_head hands_behind_head
hands_behind_back hands_behind_back
wrists_together wrists_together
arms_together arms_together
legs_together legs_together
frogtied frogtied
wrists_to_ankles wrists_to_ankles
arm_spreader arm_spreader
leg_spreader leg_spreader
yoke_(restraint) yoke_(restraint)

hands_behind_head = both hands or both arms are posed behind the character's own head

hands_behind_back = both hands or both arms are behind the character's own back

wrists_together = a character's own wrists are held/bound close together

arms_together = a character's own arms are held/bound pressing close together

legs_together = a character's own legs are held/bound pressing close together

frogtied = when a leg is bent so much that the calf and the thigh on the same leg are touching, and it is then bound to keep it that way. Often done to both legs, looking like how frogs sit.

wrists_to_ankles = when their wrists are tied next to their ankles

spread_eagle = when a character has all arms and legs spread out (can be with or without bondage, and it can be standing or laying down). The result is a little bit like an X shape, though not always a perfect one.