Specifying Bellies
by CuriousOxide | Unlisted 6 Contributions
Why is there a belly or is it flat?
belly -midriff -slightly_chubby -overweight -musclegut -vore -pregnant -inflation -expansion
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
flat belly midriff belly big_belly hyper_belly black_belly blue_belly brown_belly cream_belly green_belly grey_belly orange_belly pink_belly purple_belly red_belly tan_belly white_belly yellow_belly multicolored_belly rainbow_belly two_tone_belly monotone_belly glistening_belly belly_markings sweaty_belly countershade_belly
slightly_chubby slightly_chubby
overweight overweight
obese obese
morbidly_obese morbidly_obese
musclegut musclegut muscular
vore vore
pregnant pregnant
inflation belly_inflation belly_expansion
expansion belly_expansion

Belly: a rounded lower abdomen/stomach area, regardless of cause. The most commonly depicted bellies are characters that are slightly chubby, or overweight with excess fat around their lower abdomen. A character that is bloated, inflated, or pregnant will often have a belly as well. This tag applies whether the character is nude or clothed.

Please check the e621 tag wiki as needed for more details