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tagging if it's bound or other types of chain purposes
chain -bound -broken_chain -chain_accessory -chain_leash -chain_piercing -chain_jewelry -chain_collar -holding_chain -chain_weapon
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
bound bound
broken_chain broken_chain
chain_accessory chain_accessory
chain_piercing chain_piercing
chain_jewelry chain_jewelry
chain_necklace chain_necklace
chain_collar chain_collar
chain_leash chain_leash
holding_chain holding_chain
chain_weapon chain_weapon

bound - used as bondage (whether sexual or not)

broken chain - often a broken shackle or leash, sometimes aesthetic

chain_accessory - the chain is part of some accessory, clothing, fashion, etc

chain_piercing - chains leading from a piercing, often decorative, or sometime permanent nipple chains

chain_jewelry - jewelry that uses a chain in it, jewelry style chains

chain_necklace -


chain_leash - a chain being used as a leash


may add more options depending on what tags and uses I find a lot of on this