char count fix solo solo_focus
by furrypickle | Unlisted 941 Contributions
How many chars is it?
solo solo_focus -zero_pictured -multiple_images -sketchpage -comic
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
solo solo solo_focus duo group trio group_sex orgy large_group
duo duo solo group duo_focus trio group_sex orgy large_group
duo solo_focus duo solo_focus duo_focus group solo trio group_sex orgy large_group
group group solo solo_focus duo
group solo_focus group solo_focus solo duo duo_focus
group duo_focus group duo_focus solo solo_focus duo
multiple_images multiple_images
dig media digital_media_(artwork)
dig draw digital_drawing_(artwork)
outline outline digital_drawing_(artwork)

This should be unlisted so mostly just for my own reference: Check for whatever combination of solo, duo, group and the _focus tags fit. Use multiple_images where needed.