clitoris color
by oopsitripped 405 Contributions
What color is this clitoris?
clitoris -monochrome -pink_clitoris -red_clitoris -orange_clitoris -yellow_clitoris -green_clitoris -blue_clitoris -purple_clitoris -grey_clitoris -white_clitoris -black_clitoris -brown_clitoris -tan_clitoris -multicolored_clitoris
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Brown white_clitoris
Pink pink_clitoris
Red red_clitoris
Orange orange_clitoris
Yellow yellow_clitoris
Green green_clitoris
Blue blue_clitoris
Purple purple_clitoris
Grey grey_clitoris
Black black_clitoris

Does not apply to the clitoral hood.

Due to the options limit, white, teal, tan and multicolored must be tagged manually.