Clitoral Cleanup
by oopsitripped 156 Contributions
Is the clitoris being stimulated actually visible?
clitoral clitoris -black_clitoris -blue_clitoris -brown_clitoris -cyan_clitoris -green_clitoris -grey_clitoris -orange_clitoris -pink_clitoris -purple_clitoris -red_clitoris -tan_clitoris -teal_clitoris -white_clitoris -yellow_clitoris -multicolored_clitoris -enlarged_clitoris -enlarged_clitoral_glans -big_clitoris -glowing_clitoris -tapering_clitoris -clitoral_spines -clitoral_winking -barely_visible_clitoris -multi_clitoris -animal_clitoris -glistening_clitoris -unusual_clitoris_*
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
No visible clitoris clitoris
Clitoral hood only clitoral_hood clitoris
No clitoral stimulation clitoral
Barely visible clitoris barely_visible_clitoris

Please look carefully. Are you sure the clit isn't barely visible between fingers?

If there is a visible clitoris in the image, please considering adding a feature tag to it (if any apply) to remove it from the search.