Cover Art
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Is this cover art? What is it for?
cover -album_cover -book_cover -back_cover -cover_page -magazine_cover -video_game_cover -box_art -dvd_cover -porn_cover
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Illustrated Cover cover_art
Comic cover_page comic
Comic (Back) back_cover comic cover_page
Album album_cover album
Book book_cover book
Magazine magazine_cover magazine cover_page
Video Game video_game_cover
DVD dvd_cover
Movie Poster movie_poster poster
NOT A Cover cover cover_art cover_page album_cover book_cover back_cover magazine_cover video_game_cover box_art dvd_cover porn_cover movie_poster

The 'cover' tag is used in reference to cover art for various types of media, such as comics and books. Tagger may need to check post before tagging to infer the type of media that a cover belongs to.

The 'cover' tag should not be used in reference to a cloth item that is meant to cover a character or object, such as a bedsheet or blanket, and should be removed from such posts.

Cover Types


Per e621 wiki, this should only be used for comic covers, including manga, and must include the title of the comic (whether in english or another language) - [Example]


Per e621 wiki, this should be used for back covers of comics, can include afterword pages- [Example]


for music album art, like that found on CDs and Spotify - [Example]


for covers of written works, including fanfiction - [Example]


for art in the style of a magazine cover - [Example]


for art in the style of video game box art - [Example]


for art in the style of a DVD case cover

generic cover

for covers that do not fit into the above categories