Cub Body Types (Feral)
by wat8548 200 Contributions
cub_body_types but with only feral characters.
set:cub_apocalypse -young_anthro -young_feral -young_human -young_humanoid -young_taur -anthro feral -taur -human -humanoid
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Male young_feral young_male male
Female young_feral young_female female
Gynomorph young_feral young_gynomorph gynomorph
Andromorph young_feral young_andromorph andromorph
Herm young_feral young_herm herm
Maleherm young_feral young_maleherm maleherm
Ambiguous young_feral young_ambiguous ambiguous_gender

Tag the gender of the cub character(s).