Diaper state
by Lycraon 846 Contributions
In what state is that diaper?
diaper -wet_diaper -messy_diaper -clean_diaper
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
clean diaper clean_diaper
wet diaper wet_diaper
messy diaper messy_diaper
leaking diaper leaking_diaper wet_diaper
leaking and messy diaper leaking_diaper wet_diaper messy_diaper

clean_diaper: diaper is clean (no fluids or scat)

wet_diaper: A tag for when a diaper is wet with a liquid such as urine, or water.

messy_diaper: A diaper that is filled with feces, either by the wearer or another.

leaking diaper: A diaper, usually past it's holding capacity, where urine or other fluids are coming out.

leaking diaper is always wet

leaking and messy diaper: same as leaking, but the diaper is also messy