Ear Colors
by donovan_dmc 134 Contributions
What color(s) are the character's ears?
-black_ears -blue_ears -brown_ears -green_ears -grey_ears -orange_ears -pink_ears -purple_ears -red_ears -tan_ears -white_ears -yellow_ears -rainbow_ears ~anthro ~feral -monochrome
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Black black_ears
Brown brown_ears
Blue blue_ears
Green green_ears
Orange orange_ears
Pink pink_ears
Purple purple_ears
Red red_ears
White white_ears
Yellow yellow_ears

Tag the color of character's ears.

If only one distinct color is present, add monotone_ears

If two distinct colors are present, add two_tone_ears

if three or more distinct colors are present, add multi_tone_ears

If the coloring of the ears follow the pattern of a rainbow, add rainbow_ears