Growth or Expansion?
by CuriousOxide | Unlisted 0 Contributions
Is it really growth or is it expansion?
growth -expansion -transformation -muscle_growth -body_size_growth
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
penis expansion penis_expansion growth genital_growth penis_growth
balls expansion balls_expansion growth genital_growth ball_growth
pussy expansion pussy_expansion growth genital_growth pussy_growth
breast expansion breast_expansion growth breast_growth
nipple expansion nipple_expansion growth nipple_growth
udder expansion udder_expansion growth udder_growth
belly expansion belly_expansion growth
missing 'muscle_growth' muscle_growth
missing 'body_size_growth' body_size_growth

Growth: growing a new body part or growing larger in size overall

Expansion: a specific body part getting bigger

For more details please visit the e621 tag wiki