Growth Types
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Is a character growing new body parts? Are they becoming muscular? Are they going growing taller or in overall body size? Are expanding existing body parts?
growth -tail_growth -breast_growth -muscle_growth -fur_growth -wing_growth -snout_growth -horn_growth -body_size_growth -expansion
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Tail Growth tail_growth
Breast Growth breast_growth
Muscle Growth muscle_growth
Fur Growth fur_growth
Wing Growth wing_growth
Snout Growth snout_growth
Horn Growth horn_growth
Growing in Body Size body_size_growth
Existing Body Part Growing expansion
No Muscle or Body Part Growth growth

The growth tag is defined on eSix as "when a character is shown to be growing new body parts or muscles." However, it has often been used for characters who are growing in size or are growing their pre-existing non-muscle body parts. It may have also been used for weight gain, stuffing, or inflation, all of which are normally not meant to go with either growth, body_size_growth, or expansion.

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