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Are they holding their own knot, or someone else's knot?
~holding_knot ~knot_grab -holding_own_knot -holding_another's_knot
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Holding their own knot. holding_own_knot holding_knot holding_own_penis holding_penis
Holding another's knot. holding_another's_knot knot_grab holding_another's_penis penis_grab
Holding their own knot root. holding_own_knot_root holding_knot_root holding_own_penis holding_penis
Holding another's knot root. holding_another's_knot_root knot_root_grab holding_another's_penis penis_grab
Not holding any knots. holding_knot knot_grab

Should be pretty straightforward, if a character is holding their own knot, tag holding_own_knot. If a character is holding someone else's knot tag holding_another's_knot. If both apply you should select both options, and if neither apply you should select the third option to remove the holding_knot and knot_grab tags.