Interspecies vs Intraspecies
by taggin-dragon 54 Contributions
Is there a romantic or sexual pairing in the image that is between at least two different species (interspecies), or between at least two individuals of the same species (intraspecies)?
~sex ~romantic_couple -interspecies -intraspecies
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Interspecies interspecies
Intraspecies intraspecies
Ambiguous species ambiguous_species
No sexual/romantic pairings sex romantic_couple

Interspecies: Sexual, mating, or romantic activity between different species. They should always be from different family sub-classes (e.g., feline/canine, equine/cetacean, but not lion/tiger). A good rule of thumb is if they can realistically breed offspring this should NOT be used.

The opposite of interspecies is intraspecies.