Kindred Lamb is a sheep
by Smutliz 91 Contributions
Is Lamb_(lol) depicted as a sheep, or something else?
lamb_(lol) -sheep
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Lamb not pictured lamb_(lol) kindred_(lol)
Different species alternate_species
Humanlike, not anthro sheep_humanoid
Caprine caprine anthro
Sheep sheep anthro

If Lamb has white fur, long floppy ears and hooves, she's a sheep.

If you can't see her head but you can see her hooves, tag caprine instead of sheep.

If Lamb is depicted as something other than a sheep or humanoid, tag alternate_species.

If Lamb doesn't have fur, or looks almost entirely human but with some minor features like floppy ears and/or a tail, tag sheep_humanoid.

If Lamb has horns (without her mask on), skip. If none of these apply, skip.