labia_minora versus innie_pussy
by scaliespe 152 Contributions
Is the labia minora visible in this post?
pussy -innie_pussy -camel_toe -pussy_floss -labia_minora -barely_visible_pussy -penetration -animal_pussy -mosaic_censorship
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
add labia_minora labia_minora
add innie_pussy innie_pussy
add pussy_floss instead pussy_floss
add barely_visible_pussy instead barely_visible_pussy
labia obscured by penetration vaginal_penetration
camel_toe, not pussy camel_toe pussy
pussy_outline, not pussy pussy_outline pussy
there just isn't a pussy at all pussy

A visible vulva (pussy) in a post should generally be tagged as either innie_pussy or labia_minora. The main exception is for when only a clitoris is visible. In that case, tag neither.

labia_minora should only be tagged if directly visible. If seen as an outline through clothing, tag pussy_outline instead.

pussy_floss is valid on posts tagged pussy, but the labia minora may be covered in such cases, and it still wouldn't count as innie_pussy because you simply can't tell one way or the other. However, the labia minora may still be visible on either side of the pussy floss, so it may still be tagged if so.

In some cases, a barely_visible_pussy may be too obscured to tag one way or the other.

The labia is often obscured due to penetration. Don't add either tag in this case.