leg count (cheshire3rd) (again)
by cheshire3rd 117 Contributions
how many legs does this character have?
feet -disembodied_foot -uniped -biped -triped -quadruped -pentaped -hexapod -octoped
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
one uniped
two biped
three triped
four quadruped
five pentaped
six hexapod
seven septaped
eight octoped

only natural legs count. amputation / fusion / merging has no influence on this value.

edit edit: this version should only have images with legs in them, but also filters out a lot of viable pictures. i’ve also removed the legless option due to that.

also note that the “select all that apply” is for images with more than one character, not for semi-anthros or other cases when you’re unsure.