Missing Hyper (male version)
by druss_hb 503 Contributions
What is missing from these hyper posts?
hyper -hyper_* ~male ~male/male -female
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Penis hyper_penis
Balls hyper_balls
Sheath hyper_sheath
Bulge hyper_bulge
Muscles hyper_muscles
Butt hyper_butt
Anus hyper_anus
Thighs hyper_thighs
Feet hyper_feet
Not Hyper hyper

Undertagged hyper posts kill at least 10,000 fairies every year. Please think of the fairies.

These posts contain mostly male and gay-centric posts that are missing tags that explain what kind of "hyper" is on display. This is to reduce the number of female posts to tag for sake of brevity. The options should cover most bases, but if not then please consult the wiki

For female and lesbian centric content, go here