populating monotone_fur
by cheshire3rd 193 Contributions
what marking(s) does the character have on their fur?
fur -multicolored_fur -striped_fur -spotted_fur -dipstick_tail -dipstick_ears -monotone_fur -gloves_(marking) -socks_(marking) -gradient_fur -countershading -muzzle_(marking)
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
stripes striped_fur fur_markings
spots spotted_fur fur_markings
gloves gloves_(marking) fur_markings
socks socks_(marking) fur_markings
tipped tail dipstick_tail fur_markings
tipped ear(s) dipstick_ears fur_markings
gradient gradient_fur
other (large) multicolored_fur
other (small) fur_markings
none of the above monotone_fur

bodypaint doesn’t count, only natural markings do.