Multiple Using Diaper
by dirtyderg 30 Contributions
(Watersports / Scat) When multiple characters are 'relieving' into another's diaper
sharing_diaper -assisted_wetting -assisted_soiling -cum_in_diaper -offering_diaper -used_diaper
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Wetting assisted_wetting wetting
Soiling assisted_soiling soiling
Cum cum_in_diaper
Not Using (Multiple Occupants) shared_diaper sharing_clothing sharing_diaper
Not Using (Previously Used) used_diaper sharing_diaper
Not Using (Offering) offering_diaper sharing_diaper
Not Sharing sharing_diaper

For when multiple characters are urinating/defecating into another's diaper.

Not Using (Multiple Occupants) For when multiple characters are actively wearing a single diaper. Does not include giving another character a previously used diaper.

Not Using (Previously Used) For when a character is using an already used diaper