Not Furry
by Nimphia 218 Contributions
Add missing 'not_furry' tags
-anthro -feral -taur -animal_humanoid -not_furry -ambiguous_form
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Not furry not_furry
Animal humanoid animal_humanoid
Anthro anthro
Feral feral
Taur taur
Ambiguous ambiguous_form
Character-shaped object inanimate_object
Not furry focus not_furry_focus

not_furry should be tagged for all posts that don't feature any anthros, ferals, taurs, or animal humanoids.

These posts are either missing the not_furry tag, or body type tags.

ambiguous_form should be used if not enough of the character is visible to tell. inanimate_object should be used for character-shaped objects.