Solo Gyno No Female Cleanup
by jinni | Unlisted 95 Contributions
Is characters portrayed a Gynomorph by themselves? or Just Female?
solo gynomorph female -gender_transformation -model_sheet
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
gynomorph gynomorph intersex female herm maleherm
female female gynomorph intersex herm maleherm
herm (female) herm intersex gynomorph female maleherm
herm (male) maleherm intersex gynomorph female herm
gender transformation gender_transformation
model sheet model_sheet
group solo

Make sure to check for visible evidence of character's gender.

Herm - Requires visible Penis, Pussy, and overall feminine Body-type

Maleherm - Required Visible Penis, Pussy, no breasts, and overall Masculine Body-type

gender transformation - a character changing from one gender to another

model sheet - solo character design and depicted as multiple forms/genders