mm size difference tag clean up
by watchdog22 | Locked 2051 Contributions
add *_penetrated and remove size_difference on wrong tagged post
size_difference -larger_penetrated -smaller_penetrated -rating:safe -female penetration -scat -gore -pussy male/male
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
larger_penetrated larger_penetrated
smaller_penetrated smaller_penetrated
Both penetrated larger_penetrated smaller_penetrated
no noticeably size difference size_difference
overweight overweight
after_anal after_anal
no penetration male_penetrated male_penetrating male_penetrating_male penetration anal fingering anal_penetration rimming anthro_penetrated anthro_penetrating anthro_penetrating_anthro navel_penetration unusual_penetration oral_penetration
extreme_size_difference extreme_size_difference

tag any penetration and remove tag from non noticeably size difference post