Toriel is a Boss Monster
by Smutliz 62 Contributions
Is she a Boss Monster or something else?
toriel -boss_monster
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Toriel not pictured toriel
Alternate Species alternate_species
Goat goat
Boss Monster boss_monster
No Goats goat goat_humanoid

If she has fangs, paws, big eyes, short horns, and a short snout: she's a boss monster, not a goat.

If she has a more realistic goat-like snout, hooves and/or horizontal pupils: tag as goat or skip.

If she's depicted as something other than a goat or boss monster, tag alternate_species.

If you tag boss_monster and there are no other goats in the picture, choose both "Boss Monster" and "No Goats." If you're unsure just choose Boss Monster only.