Young Body Types
by Nimphia 46 Contributions
The body types and genders of young characters.
young -young_anthro -young_feral -young_human -young_humanoid -young_taur
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Anthro young_anthro
Feral young_feral
Taur young_taur
Humanoid young_humanoid
Human young_human
Male young_male
Female young_female
Ambiguous young_ambiguous
Not young young young_anthro young_feral young_taur young_humanoid young_human young_male young_female young_ambiguous loli shota young_penetrated young_penetrating oppai_loli dominant_young underage_pregnancy adult_on_young adult_on_baby adult_on_toddler adult_on_child adult_on_adolescent muscular_young submissive_young adult_raping_young young_raped adult_focus adult_on_adult larger_young young_on_young child_on_child young_dominating_young adolescent_on_child adolescent_on_adolescent
Young by lore young_(lore)

Tag the body type of the young character.