Oral or after?
by DefinitelyNotAFurry4 | Unlisted 56 Contributions
A lot of posts tag oral, when there is actually no oral in the scene. Is the scene after oral, or not?
oral -fellatio -cunnilingus -rimming -ball_lick -bulge_lick -penetration_lick -penis_lick -knot_lick -sheath_lick -deep_throat -irrumatio -face_mounting -tonguejob -autofellatio -autocunnilingus -autorimming -tentacle_in_mouth
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
After cunnilingus (Pussy) after_cunnilingus oral cunnilingus
After fellatio (Penis) after_fellatio oral fellatio
After rimming (Anus) after_rimming oral rimming
After cloacalingus (Cloaca) after_cloacalingus oral cloacalingus
No oral oral

All the others are self explanatory.