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Hopps species Add species tags for the Hopps family
Nick species Nick Wilde is a red fox. Tag it if it fits.
Rape is forced sexual activity Rape is forced sexual activity, but many posts don't tag rape and just forced and sex...
Nude Deer Tag happy_nude_deer
gender_taur Tagging gender_taur on images now that gender_form tags are valid
gender_feral Tagging gender_feral on images now that gender_form tags are valid
gender_anthro Tagging gender_anthro on images now that gender_form tags are valid
Friendship Is Magic does not apply to fan content Does the post actually pertain to the friendship_is_magic canon content?
Oral or after? A lot of posts tag oral, when there is actually no oral in the scene. Is the scene after oral, or not?
What kind of oral? Many images are tagged oral, but not specific on the type of oral being performed. So what type of oral is being done in the image?
Project Comments What kind of oral? DefinitelyNotAFurry4 said 7 months ago #56

If anyone sees problems with any of my descriptions, let me know. Most of it is lifted from the wiki, but I'm not even gonna lie, the wiki does contradict itself several times, I tried to explain it as best as I could.

Also, the options might need some changing, in my experience, these were the most common that came up.