bulge clean up
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Is the penis sticking out of the pants/underwear
penis bulge -penis_base -translucent_bottomwear -penis_through_leghole -penis_through_fly -poking_out -comic -multiple_images
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
remove penis penis glans penis_piercing big_penis blue_penis prehensile_penis humanoid_penis tapering_penis pink_penis unusual_penis purple_penis glowing_penis black_penis small_penis red_penis green_penis spotted_penis flaccid thick_penis cum_on_penis half-erect cock_vore penis_tip veiny_penis long_penis penis_everywhere yellow_penis orange_penis white_penis holding_penis grey_penis penis_backwards flared_penis brown_penis striped_penis looking_at_penis anatomically_correct_penis translucent_penis penis_grab penis_towards_viewer multi_penis multicolored_penis bouncing_penis ribbed_penis tan_penis penis_size_difference penis_on_face spiked_penis penis_bondage animal_penis circumcised penis_base tail_penis poking_out metal_penis penis_lick penis_tongue nubbed_penis curved_penis tribadism_on_penis penis_in_penis ridged_penis barely_visible_penis thin_penis hybrid_penis foot_on_penis feces_on_penis forked_penis furry_penis gold_penis peeing_on_penis pointing_at_penis short_penis sitting_on_penis teal_penis tickling_penis vacuum_penis mechanical_penis arthropod_abdomen_penis glistening_penis penis_markings penis_hair penis_in_face mottled_penis darkened_penis penile_spines monotone_penis disembodied_penis precum_on_penis penis_tattoo tentacle_around_penis pussy_juice_on_penis balls_above_penis buried_penis lipstick_on_penis magic_penis measuring_penis penis_accessory penis_hug penis_kissing penis_nuzzling saliva_on_penis shaking_penis spiral_penis swinging_penis touching_penis throbbing_penis upside_down_penis vibrator_on_penis wet_penis dark_penis cosmic_penis gradient_penis light_penis hand_on_penis unusual_penis_placement countershade_penis sweaty_penis penis_horn presenting_penis foreskin
remove bulge bulge penis_outline big_bulge bulge_lick bulge_size_difference detailed_bulge
penis outline penis_outline
detailed bulge detailed_bulge
erection under clothing erection_under_clothing
penis base penis_base
barely contained penis barely_contained_penis
poking out poking_out
penis through leghole penis_through_leghole
translucent bottomwear translucent_bottomwear

Bulges are often tagged additionally with penis, but penis should only be tagged if it is not covered up.

Bulge and penis can apply if the clothing is translucent, add translucent_bottomwear, if this is the case

Be careful, if you use the "remove penis" button. It removes the penis tag and ALL tags that imply penis. Make sure there is no penis visible, especially if a lot is going on. The same applies to "remove bulge" button!