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Projects: 15
Age penetration Is the older, or the younger character penetrated?
herm_clean_up A tagging project to clean up over tagged herm characters.
pussy types equid focus What kind of pussy is visible?
wings_clean_up What kind of wings are present?
male+gender solo clean up How many characters are present in the scene
bulge clean up Is the penis sticking out of the pants/underwear
Is the character actually presenting? Is the character presenting their genitals or not?
equine genitalia Is the visible genitalia human or equine like?
Other Penis Features Which features do the penis(es) have?
Character Count Tags (light) How many characters are present in the scene?
Dildo colors what is the color of the dildo
blender_(software) Is there an indication for the blender software?
Urine Where, or in which state is the urine
What is presented? What is the character presenting?
Project Comments Dildo colors wat'a said 1 year ago #52