bunny_costume (playboy)
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Is a character wearing the iconic playboy bunny costume.
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  1. bunny_costume: A costume popularized by the female staffers in Playboy clubs, consisting of a tight swimsuit or leotard, a pair of fake_rabbit_ears, and a fake rabbit tail affixed right above the wearer's butt. Usually also includes fishnet_legwear, wrist cuffs, and a detached shirt_collar with bow_tie, just as the originals in the clubs wore.
  2. reverse_bunny_costume: A variant of the bunny costume that inverts the coverage of the body. Apart from the fake bunny ears and the collar, the wearer's limbs, shoulder area, and neck are all covered. Meanwhile, the rest of the torso and the groin are exposed. Such an outfit may be combined with pasties or maebari/pussy tape to add some limited modesty.

For the purpose of this project to by tagged as bunny costume the character must have the leotard and fake_rabbit_ears or a fake_rabbit_tail unless they are an anthro with their own natural ears/tail in which case they must have the iconic leotard, wrist cuffs, and a detached shirt_collar.

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