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Body Type Cleanup Female Feral (tittybitty) Which bodytype tags apply.
Body Type Cleanup Female Which bodytype tags apply.
Non-furry Female (tittybitty) Add missing 'not_furry' tags (female: demon,elf,orc,goblin, excludes some edge cases).
Monochrome Or Colored Is the image monochrome, colored, or some exception.
Character Genders (tittybitty-Genitals or Breasts) What are the genders of the characters in the picture? (Tagged with genitals or breasts)
Masturbation types (tittybitty) Adding vaginal, anal, penile and more masturbation types to posts lacking them. [limited to young, female]
Character Genders (tittybitty) What are the genders of the characters in the picture? (young)
Non-furry Young (tittybitty) Add missing 'not_furry' tags (young, female, excludes some edge cases).
piercing types Adding specific piercing types to posts lacking them.
Breast Size (young female) What is the size of the characters' breasts?
solo difference cleanup Is the image really solo? If so remove difference tags
Character Count Tags (Female Young: Likely Solo) How many characters are present in the scene?
Female Solo Cleanup Is the solo tag correct, if not what applies?
holding (disambiguation) Which of the holding related tags apply.
Posture Tags what is the character's posture?
Project Comments Posture Tags tittybitty said 3 years ago #28

I've definitely tagged characters who are on their hands and knees, but have one limb lifted as all_fours. I personally wouldn't worry about tagging unknown position and would just skip to the next one.

Posture Tags Catt0s_0fTheNight said 3 years ago (edited 3 years ago ) #23

if a character is making several posed use [[multiple_poses]]. for different sex positions use [[multiple_positions]]. review post {{2455445}} -- If a character is almost on {{all_fours}} with one limb lifted?

also see https://e621.net/wiki_pages/4612

I will tag 'unknown_position` on the ones I am unsure on

Posture Tags tittybitty said 4 years ago #19

Changed my mind and switched out carrying for straddling.

Posture Tags tittybitty said 4 years ago #18

added a ~anthro ~human ~humanoid ~biped condition to restrict image set to bipeds. Then replaced the quadruped option with carrying.

Posture Tags tittybitty said 4 years ago #13

Excellent point, fixed.

Posture Tags Alien_Fluff said 4 years ago #12

The Reclining option is missing the reclining tag itself.

Disentangling all_fours and quadruped tittybitty said 4 years ago #11

I re-read the all_fours wiki and realized it only said that all_fours didn't need to be tagged on quadrupeds, not that it shouldn't be. So the tagging done by this project isn't problematic, but it was largely unnecessary.

Money Tags tittybitty said 4 years ago #10

I began this project to fill in tags related to money. I later reused the project to tag missing character genders. I have done my best to restore the original query and tag options. As best I can tell this state represents between 2/3rds and 3/4ths of the changes made under the project.

Money Tags bitWolfy said 4 years ago #9

Please, do not reuse existing projects for a new purpose. This creates confusion in the list of changes, as the list of changes now has one project making different sets of changes.