Character Count Tags (light)
by dubsthefox | Locked 32803 Contributions
How many characters are present in the scene?
-solo -duo -trio -group -zero_pictured -comic -sketch_page -multiple_images -animated
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
One solo solo_focus
Two duo duo_focus
Three trio group trio_focus
Four or more group
More than ten group large_group
None zero_pictured
comic comic
sketch_page sketch_page
animated animated
multiple_images multiple_images

A lighter version of the character count project

  • Following tags are removed from the search:
    • sketch_page
      • ...used for posts containing a variety of images, related or not, which are arranged in a sketchbook style layout... These posts are best defined by the 'scattered' appearance of the content.
    • animated
      • The rapid display of a sequence of images... to create an illusion of movement
    • multiple_images
      • Tagged for posts that contain multiple separate images or animations... As a rule of thumb, if the images aren't sequential and could be easily cropped into separate images, it counts as a multi-image

What exactly counts as a character?

Except if the following is true:

Multiple occurrences of a character in a sequence, model sheet, etc are only counted once. For instance, a single character drawn in multiple poses is solo.