Cub Body Types
by donovan_dmc | Locked 5308 Contributions
The body types and genders of cub characters.
set:cub_apocalypse -young_anthro -young_feral -young_human -young_humanoid -young_taur
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Anthro young_anthro
Feral young_feral
Taur young_taur
Humanoid young_humanoid
Human young_human
Male young_male male
Female young_female female
Gynomorph young_gynomorph gynomorph
Andromorph young_andromorph andromorph
Ambiguous young_ambiguous ambiguous_gender

Tag the body type of the cub character.

1 Comment pleaseletmein said 6 months ago #58

It would be helpful to add young_ambiguous to fill the last slot, especially since young characters are more likely to be ambiguous than adults.