equine genitalia
by dubsthefox 746 Contributions
Is the visible genitalia human or equine like?
equine ~pussy ~penis ~anus -barely_visible_genitalia -equine_pussy -equine_penis -equine_anus -humanoid_pussy -humanoid_penis
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
humanoid penis humanoid_penis
humanoid pussy humanoid_pussy
equine pussy equine_pussy
equine anus equine_anus
equine penis equine_penis
flared penis flared_penis
medial ring medial_ring
sheath sheath
perineum perineum
barely visible genitalia barely_visible_genitalia


Don't use these tags, if the genitalia is not visible. If a penis is obscured by clothing, but you can see the outline through the clothing, remove "penis" and "genitalia" (if no other genitals are present), replace it with penis_outline.

If you can make out other details like a glans/veins/medial ring/etc. use detailed_bulge additionally (only for penises, if I understand the wiki correctly). Or use the skip button.

The same applies for pussy (camel_toe), and anus (anus_outline)

if you find a post with other animal genitalia then equine genitalia e.g. canine penis/pussy consider skipping it, so we can tag it with other tagging projects