Fox species
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Which fox species is in the picture?
fox -red_fox -fennec -arctic_fox -grey_fox -corsac_fox -swift_fox -video_games -sonic_(series) -naruto -animal_humanoid -digimon -hybrid -foxes_in_love -zorori -tmnt
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Red fox red_fox
Fennec fox fennec
Arctic fox arctic_fox
Grey fox grey_fox
Not a fox fox

Project for fixing pictures tagged "fox" but missing the species.

Skip the image when just "fox" is sufficient because:

Red Fox Fennec Fox Arctic Fox Grey Fox

Note: a generic orange fox is not necessarily a Red Fox - it may suffice to simply leave it as "fox". At least some of these additional traits are necessary for it be a Red Fox: white underside, white tail tip, dark socks_(marking) on the limbs, and dark ear tips.

1 Comment druss_hb said 4 months ago #59

Might be an idea to remove the fox tag when selecting the grey_fox tag, since they belong to a diferent genus entirely.