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What kind of hooves are those?
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Unguligrade hooves hooves unguligrade
Cloven hooves cloven_hooves hooves
Dewclaw hooves dewclaw_hooves
Underhoof underhoof hooves
No hooves hooves hooved_fingers
Hooves on plantigrade feet hooves plantigrade hooved_toes hooved_plantigrade
Soles soles
Hooves on digitigrade feet hooves digitigrade hooved_toes hooved_digitigrade
Articulated hooves articulated_hooves hooves
Solid hooves solid_hooves hooves

There are three types of hooved feet:

  1. Unguligrade - the regular kind of hooves, where only hoof is touching the ground.

  2. Hooved digitigrade - less common kind, where hoof and ball of foot are touching the ground.

  3. Hooved plantigrade - less common kind, where hoof, ball and heel are touching the ground.

Two of the latter ones can also be divided into:

  1. Articulated hooves - toes can be (and are visibly) moved independently.

  2. Solid hooves - toes are fused into a solid hoof.

Cloven hooves have two digits of the foot. Often found on deer, cows, and pigs.

Dewclaw hooves have smaller hoof behind the primary pair that resembles dewclaws.