Waydence Privileged
Projects: 31
Separating fellatio from autofellatio Is this fellatio or autofellatio?
Fur and scales Fur and scales
Knotting types What's getting knotted?
becoming_erect Is becoming_erect appropriate here?
Anthro feral penetration Who's penetrating who, and where?
Furred dragon tagging Is this dragon a furred dragon?
High Heels - Common Types What type of high heels are those?
Avian feet tagging Does this avian have avian feet?
Missing nipples tag Are breasts, nipples or areolas present?
Fix open toe heels what kind of open toe heels are those?
Foot anatomy What kind of foot anatomy is featured?
Anthro breast tagging Are there breasts? What size are they?
Anal penetration What's in ass?
Vaginal penetration What's in pussy?
Penile penetration Where is penis?
Hoof tagging What kind of hooves are those?
Non-mammal breasts tag removal Is this character a mammal?
Busty feral breast size What size are those breasts?
Clothed or nude? (based on nipple slip tag) Is character clothed or not?
Improved Nipple Tagging test
High Heels - Colors What color(s) are the high heels?
Sitting over dildo + penetration disambiguation Dildo sitting implicates penetration, but can be mistakenly applied when penetration is not happening. Let's fix that, and while at it, specify penetration when it *is* happening.
Handjob frottage Handjob frottage is a popular yet sparsely tagged activity
Personal projects Random and experimental stuff that's inconvenient to do through E621 interface
Other projects hmmm
Avelos Just adding missing tags
Gag masks Tagging instances where gag and mask are integrated (or are a single piece)
Sex toy penetration disambiguation Tagging types sex toy penetration
Project Comments Sex toy penetration disambiguation scaliespe said 3 years ago #36

It might be good at add -penetrable_sex_toy since things like fleshlights are still sex toys, but they are not designed to penetrate, so they're pretty much irrelevant to this tag project.