Hooves mistagged as Digitigrade
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Are digitigrade feet featured in image?
hooves digitigrade -hooved_digitigrade -hooved_plantigrade -unguligrade
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
No digitigrade digitigrade
Unguligrade hooves hooves unguligrade
Cloven hooves cloven_hooves hooves
Dewclaw hooves dewclaw_hooves
Underhoof underhoof hooves
Hooves on plantigrade feet hooves plantigrade hooved_toes hooved_plantigrade
Hooves on digitigrade feet hooves digitigrade hooved_toes hooved_digitigrade
Hooved fingertips hooved_fingertips hooved_hands
Hooved fingers hooved_fingers hooved_hands
Unguligrade hands unguligrade_hands hooved_hands

Due to long absence of unguligrade tag, hooves often got tagged as digitigrade.

  1. Unguligrade - the regular kind of hooves, where only hoof is touching the ground.

  2. Hooved digitigrade - less common kind, where hoof and ball of foot are touching the ground.

  3. Hooved plantigrade - less common kind, where hoof, ball and heel are touching the ground.

Cloven hooves have two digits of the foot. Often found on deer, cows, and pigs.

Dewclaw hooves have smaller hoof behind the primary pair that resembles dewclaws.