Non-furry (tittybitty) (likely furry) (tittybitty)
by tittybitty | Unlisted | Deleted 408 Contributions
Add missing 'not_furry' tags (young, female, excludes some edge cases) (filtered to images that are likely furry images missing the body type). [Ran into 40 tag limit on v2].
young female ~eulipotyphlan ~mustelid ~suid ~avian ~marsupial ~mephitid ~rodent ~chiropteran ~ailurid ~ursid ~bovid ~elephantid -anthro -feral -taur -animal_humanoid -not_furry -merfolk -semi-anthro -monster -harpy -alien -split_form -pokémon -my_little_pony -digimon -transformation -not_furry_focus -snake_hair -primate -animate_inanimate -ambiguous_form
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Not furry not_furry young cub
Missing 'animal humanoid' animal_humanoid
Missing 'anthro' anthro
Missing 'feral' feral
missing 'taur' taur
missing 'split_form' split_form
not_furry_focus not_furry_focus
ambiguous_form ambiguous_form

not_furry should be tagged for all posts that don't feature any anthros, ferals, taurs, or animal humanoids.

These posts are either missing the not_furry tag, or body type tags and are filtered to images that are likely missing the body type.