Mistagged Not-Furry Focus
by genjar 44 Contributions
Fix `not_furry_focus` mistags
not_furry_focus -anthro -feral -animal_humanoid -taur -ambiguous_form
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Mistagged NFF not_furry_focus
Anthro anthro
Feral feral
Taur taur
Animal Humanoid animal_humanoid
100% Not Furry not_furry
Ambiguous Form ambiguous_form

not_furry_focus should only be tagged applies when there's something 'furry' in the post: anthro, feral, (animal) taur, or animal_humanoid.

Note that posts cannot be tagged as both not_furry and not_furry_focus.

Use ambiguous_form if you can't tell whether the out-of-focusr character is furry or not (usually because there's too little of them visible.)