genjar Privileged
Projects: 10
Mistagged Not-Furry Focus Fix `not_furry_focus` mistags
Solo-focus Cleanup Untag 'solo_focus' from solo posts.
Pokemorphs Add missing 'pokémorph` tags
Non-furry Add missing 'not_furry' tags
Taur Humanoid Mix-up Remove mistagged human/humanoid from taurs.
Missing Presenting Subtags Add missing subtag(s) to presenting
Anthro Humanoid Mix-up Untag humanoid from anthros
Missing Detailed Backgrounds Add the missing 'detailed_background' tags
Non-mammalian Balls Project for populating the 'non-mammal_balls' tag
Interspecies Tagging Add 'Interspecies' to posts that are missing it
Project Comments Non-furry jeveasy17 said 3 years ago #27

In fact, I just posted an image and forgot to add that tag, thanks for reminding me

Non-furry Catt0s_0fTheNight said 3 years ago #25

tittybitty said:
Can you please add -not_furry to the search? I will clone it to make it

Non-furry tittybitty said 4 years ago #22

Can you please add -not_furry to the search?

Anthro Humanoid Mix-up bitWolfy said 4 years ago #8

Fixed the issue with the tag list expanding into eternity.

I could probably add wildcard support to removed tags, so you could just put *_humanoid in there, and it would remove all tags that match it.

Anthro Humanoid Mix-up genjar said 4 years ago #7

Hm. There's so many possible *_humanoid tags to be removed that this project doesn't quite work. Even with just the common ones, the list ends up so long that the image itself is barely visible...