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Is there Patreon branding or is the website shown? Does it cover part of the image? Is there a URL in the image?
patreon -patreon_username -patreon_logo -url -nightmare_fuel -young -webm -cock_and_ball_torture -snuff -gore -torture -vore -urine -watersports -scat -feces -necrophilia -rape -morbidly_obese -mlp -3d_(artwork)
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
patreon logo patreon_logo patreon
URL url text english_text
Patreon username patreon_username english_text text
patreon wordmark patreon text english_text
No Patreon branding or website patreon patreon_logo
Logo obstructing image censored advertising
reward patreon_reward

Only should be tagged for the logo or if the website itself is visible, not the url or content from Patreon. The Patreon | name counts as the logo.

The patreon branding is text since both the logo and the wordmark are text.

If it's just the URL then url should be tagged instead - (NOT patreon/name, has to be

If the logo is being used to obstruct part of image, use the censored tag as well. However the guidelines currently in place treat these as advertisement and they are discouraged to be uploaded.

Source: official post Info: The search also filters out some of the suggested blacklist items

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Change log:

  • "official post" link now links to the specific text rather than the page.
  • Added options for if the logo is obstructing image
  • Clarified what the patreon tag means.
  • Added button for patreon branding so you dont have to skip
  • Added separate logo and wordmark options
  • Patreon logo is no longer included in search since those usually are tagged properly, and helps avoid repetition.
  • Changed order
  • Added a tag to use if the author lists their name
  • Added -patreon_username from search since it was rarely used before and will help reduce repeats
  • Added -patreon_logo to "no branding" option
  • Added reward option