Other Penis Features
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Which features do the penis(es) have?
penis -humanoid_penis -penis_tip -erection_under_clothing -barely_visible_penis -equine_penis -canine_penis -knot -tapering_penis -hybrid_penis -ridged_penis -ribbed_penis -penile_spines -penetration
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Humanoid penis humanoid_penis
Canine penis canine_penis
Knotted penis knot
Tapering penis tapering_penis
Equine penis equine_penis
Ridged penis ridged_penis
Penile spines penile_spines
Genital slit genital_slit
Barely visible penis barely_visible_penis
Penetration penetration

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I have added penetration Reason: If a character penetrates an other one, his penis features are often obscured