piercing types
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Adding specific piercing types to posts lacking them.
piercing -*_piercing
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
ear piercing ear_piercing
nipple piercing nipple_piercing
nose piercing nose_piercing
navel piercing navel_piercing
furry-specific piercing furry-specific_piercing
tongue piercing tongue_piercing
facial piercing facial_piercing
pussy piercing pussy_piercing
penis piercing penis_piercing
No visible piercings piercing

The goal of this project is to add some detail to post tagged with "piercing" but lacking a more specific category.

  1. Ear Piercing: A piercing in the ear.
  2. Nipple Piercing: A piercing through the nipple.
  3. Nose Piercing: A piercing through the nose.
  4. Navel Piercing: A piercing through the navel/bellybutton.
  5. Furry-Specific Piercing: A piercing which wouldn't be possible with human anatomy, for example a snake_hood_piercing.
  6. Tongue Piercing: A piercing of the tongue.
  7. Facial Piercing: A piercing of the face not covered by the above face-related tags (they already imply facial piercing).
  8. Pussy Piercing: A piercing of the pussy.
  9. Penis Piercing: A piercing of the penis.
  10. Remove the piercing tag if there are no visible piercings.

Most of the above tags can be broken down into more specific variants. Feel free to add them manually or to create a project focused on adding detail to a specific class you're interested in. There will be some cases which can't be addressed by the available options such as anal_piercing. Feel free to tag those manually as well.