What is presented?
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What is the character presenting?
presenting rating:e -presenting_sheath -presenting_pussy -presenting_anus -presenting_penis -presenting_breasts -presenting_balls -presenting_cloaca
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Butt presenting_hindquarters
Pussy presenting_pussy
Anus presenting_anus
Penis presenting_penis
Breasts presenting_breasts
Balls presenting_balls
Cloaca presenting_cloaca
Sheath presenting_sheath
Slit presenting_slit
Nothing presented presenting_hindquarters presenting

Presenting: Poses where a character blatantly shows off their exposed sexual anatomy, usually to entice a sexual response from another character or the viewer... -Do not tag if the character is not intentionally presenting. -sexual anatomy that is in use cannot also be "presented"

Cloaca:...the digestive, urinary and genital tracts open into a single common chamber... -Characters that have a cloaca do not have a separate anus and should not be tagged as such. -Not to be confused with genital_slit.

Genital slit:Genital slit is only anatomically correct for male cetaceans. On anatomically correct reptiles and avians this would instead be a cloaca, which encompasses the rectum as well. However, many artists prefer to draw the anus as a separate orifice. Use this tag when that is the case