Missing Presenting Subtags
by genjar 387 Contributions
Add missing subtag(s) to presenting
presenting -presenting_rear -presenting_pussy -presenting_anus -presenting_penis -presenting_breasts -presenting_cloaca -presenting_balls
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Mistagged presenting presenting
Anus presenting_anus
Balls presenting_balls
Breasts presenting_breasts
Cloaca presenting_cloaca
Hindquarters presenting_hindquarters
Mouth presenting_mouth
Penis presenting_penis
Pussy presenting_pussy

Presenting should never be tagged on its own. These posts need to have the subtags added, or alternately presenting needs to be untagged. Note that this tag does not apply to anything less than blatant presenting. Posing seductively while clothed is not considered presenting.

Presenting should only be tagged when a character is actively presenting genitalia or other body parts (mostly orifices) for sexual use. The body part in question must be ready to be used for sex, in the 'just stick it in, no questions asked' fashion. If the part is merely visible but not actively offered, then it does not count as presenting either.