pussy types equid focus
by dubsthefox 323 Contributions
What kind of pussy is visible?
pussy equid -equine_pussy -canine_pussy -humanoid_pussy -feline_pussy -barely_visible_pussy -cetacean_pussy -cervine_pussy
Name Tags to Add Tags to Remove
Equine pussy equine_pussy
Canine pussy canine_pussy
Humanoid pussy humanoid_pussy
Feline pussy feline_pussy
Barely visible pussy barely_visible_pussy
Unusual pussy unusual_pussy
Cetacean pussy cetacean_pussy
Cervine pussy cervine_pussy

Apply the tag by the look of the pussy, not by the species of the character

Do not tag for simple generic vertical slits. Those are common to many species, not just humans.

Has no/insufficient wiki. Feel free to tag it, if you know what you are doing.